Lead Generation and Management Platform

Cutting edge real estate home search website, marketing options, lead capture and conversion platform.   Your leads belong to you!!!

Real Estate Lead Generation

Benefits For Agents on
​​​​​​​The Valley Solutions Team

Promotional Custom Real Estate Info Videos

Three to five times per week, the team will generate and distribute branded, modern, relevent real estate information videos to team members.  Share on social media or with your sphere.

Real Estate Videos

Custom Niche Websites w/ Lead Capture

Team provided niche websites for topics such as Home in 5, Chenoa Fund, Flat Fee Listings, VA Home Buyers, New Home Search etc.  Sites are customized to each agent.  Sites and leads belong to the agent!!!  

Home in 5 Advantage

Community Videos

Community videos are created and distributed to agents on a regular basis.  Use these videos to promote homes in communities, share on social media or your sphere.  

Real Estate Community Videos

Advanced Marketing Strategies

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Free and paid lead generation techniques are taught on a regular basis.  Paid placement, Facebook ads and facebook posts, Craigslist ad and blogging strategies, article writing, RSS feed and more.

Team Generated Social Media Recognition

Your business, your brand.  The team will create and post social media recognition for every significant real estate event including new listings, open escrows, closed sales and more!!!

Social Media for Real Estate

Custom Community Websites

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Bring your geographic marketing and farming to new levels with custom team created and provided websites.  Again, you own the sites and the leads.

Advanced Social Media Training

Automation, when properly understood and implemented, will allow you to create more content to a wider audience who want to hear your message.

Social Media Real Estate

All of this and more...  be part of a team at a cost far less than most real estate brokerages.

Matterport 3D Camera and Video

Its like having an open house 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Properly presented and this will increase the number of listing appointments and listings secured.

Matterport Tours

Our Mission: To be the real estate team of choice, for agents and their clients, because of the tools, training and support along with level of service we are able to provide at a cost that makes sense.

Our Vision: Our vision is to be one of the Top 5 real estate teams in the state of Arizona.  We will do this by adding established productive agents, by helping all agents increase their own productivity and by adding and mentoring agents new to the business.

Our Belief: It is our honest belief that any agent will do more business by being on our team than not on our team.  We have created a collaborative sharing environment that has been proven to foster success.

​​​​​​​The Valley Solutions Team is #NotYourTypicalTeam​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

12 Offices

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Offices throughout the valley with 24/7 keycard access

10  brokers available with a 90%+ initial call answer rate

Amazing Broker Support

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Free printing from every office with no access codes

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FREE Printing

A Few More Things That Make Us Different

All deals written in your name.  Your business, your brand

Your Business Your Brand

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We teach you everything you need to be successful, on your own

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We Teach You Everything

Your leads.  Your sites, Your database.  It is all yours

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You Own Everything

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